Conversations About Food Over Food

Doing what we do best, eating, and talking about food so we can share it with you! The My Foodie Duty founder gets together with friends and family to talk about food. All these conversations about food happen over food, whether we are eating or cooking. We talk about our favorite places to get food, our comfort foods, our favorite pairings, and some of our food quirks.

If you want to add your favorites to an upcoming topic email us, we’d love to talk about it!  

August 9, 2020
Ramen Noodles

In this episode we talk about instant ramen, the best way to make it, and the quirky ways people eat it.

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Hot Dogs & Brats

Our founder’s comfort food fave! We talk about all the different ways to eat wieners and even brats.

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Chicken Wings

Wing connoisseurs unite! We’re talking our faves, dry, saucy, vinegary vs spicy, and bone-in vs boneless.

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Pizza, Beer & Wine

What’s your favorite style? Do you like deep dish, thin and crispy? Where is your go to pizza joint…find out our faves.

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Fried Chicken

Who makes your favorite fried chicken recipe? Do you like dark meat? Find out our faves and who drizzles with honey.

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Tacos & Burritos

Let’s taco ’bout it! Best Mexican food ever? We have the obvious answers! Plus our favorite fast food taco and burrito choices.