What’s a Foodie Duty?

MyFoodieDuty isn’t just a cute name that sort of rhymes, it’s a responsibility. A responsibility to share the love of food with other foodies just like you!

At My Foodie Duty, we do one thing, we eat. We do this in several different ways, we try new restaurants, old favorites that people can’t stop talking about, we try fast food crazes, junk food delights, and we even attempt to make the ever so popular recipes that get hyped up all over social media. Sometimes we succeed, other times we fail; guess that’s why we call it a test kitchen.

We have tons of recipes that we need to try sitting in about 20 binders, countless cookbooks, and we’ve even tried out a few subscription boxes too!

We do all this for the love of food but most importantly to share it with the world of food lovers like you! We hope you enjoy, happy eating!