You say tomato, I say tomato. Do you pronounce it Bru-SHETTA or Bru-SKETTA? No matter how you pronounce it, it is delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

My Red Soup

Red soup Ala Rachey! The second installment of the Gettin’ Soupy Series.

Carnitas for Days!

Cooking is a learned skill. We learn from watching our family and friends or favorite TV chefs. I’ve been fortunate enough to have them all cross paths in some way or another.

Meatball Subs and Bowtie Pasta

We made meatball subs and we failed at baking bread that we’ve baked before. Do we even know how to read a recipe? What did we do wrong?

Chinese BBQ Pork (Char Siu)

Have you ever craved Chinese food but just couldn’t find a restaurant that was open? That happened to us so we made it at home!

Mini Beef Wellingtons

Can you have buyer’s remorse on a cut of beef? We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into making Mini Beef Wellingtons…they were delicious and fancy!