Look out Boston, We’re Hungry!

That’s right we’re in Boston doing what we do best EATING and playing tourist. We went to the Boston Tea Party Museum and basically got to a reenactment, it was really awesome. We went to several places and we will probably do a couple of posts about all the deliciousness that exists in Beantown.

It’s raining here and we are thinking that since we are in New England we have to have clam chowder. We’ve come to a place called Legal Harborside that sits on the water and has 3 levels with 3 menus. This place is amazing.  We ordered cups of clam chowder, a lobster roll, and fried clams because that’s what we do. Being weary of hearing people say, “If you’ve never had clam chowder in New England you don’t know what you’re missing,” we went in with really high expectations. We were not disappointed. There were huge chunks of extremely fresh clams and potatoes in a rich creamy chowder served in a coffee mug. Perhaps our favorite part! Legal Harborside@myfoodieduty You know we became fans of the Lobster Roll when we had it at the San Diego Foodie Fest and we figured that since great lobster comes from New England we couldn’t go wrong. Just a delicious as before, I don’t know why we can’t eat these for every meal. Did we mention the amazing sauce that was all over the lobster, we don’t know what it was but it was like waking up to a white Christmas! 15The fried clams and chips were equally as yummy and we’d have to say that is because of how fresh everything is. So fresh you don’t even want to dip it in tartar sauce. If you are ever in Boston we highly recommend Legal Harborside for lunch or dinner. We ate on lunch from the 1st floor menu where they also have sushi. Most of the seafood is market price and definitely worth it.

Until next time, happy eating!

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