Cobb Salad in Midtown Reno

Reno hasn’t really been synonymous with culinary destination but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a delicious meal there. It isn’t overrun with buffets like you might think…I mean there are an abundance of AYCE sushi places there, some of them quite good! In any case, today was the day we visited Two Chicks in Midtown

Two Chicks is a great breakfast, lunch or brunch spot…expect a wait in line. At Two Chicks they use local ingredients whenever possible and make everything fresh. 

When we were there we didn’t feel like eating breakfast because it was a little after noon so I chose a salad. I went with the Harvest Cobb Salad but asked them to remove the butternut squash…I know I said we show no prejudice but I don’t like butternut squash.  

Harvest Cobb

The salad was really good, I know a lot of people don’t like salads, I LOVE them! In fact, no joke we were part of a salad club in our early days before the blog. I think the important thing here is that Two Chicks really does serve really fresh ingredients. They also have really great cocktails, a bloody mary menu, and a bubbly menu. OH, and the best part they have micheladas! If you are ever in Reno we definitely recommend making a stop in Midtown and checking out Two Chicks.

Until next time happy eating!

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