Don’t Crisp That Bacon!

Wait what? Don’t crisp that bacon…what are we talking about crispy bacon is the absolute best! Nothing against floppy bacon, we like you too. Let us explain, it all happened one day in May (yes, still bound to our homes) while we were experimenting with different ways to cook bacon in the MyFoodieDuty Test Kitchen and we got the wild idea to use this amazing copper crisper that makes everything nice and crunchy. We’ve used this for many other things and it has worked wonders. 

On this particular day we were making bacon and pancakes. We decided to make the entire package of bacon so we would have some left over for BLTs later that afternoon.

The crisper is round and comes in 3 pieces, a  pizza pan looking base, a springform looking mid section, and a kind of mesh top piece. We opted to use the crisper as it was and tested it by putting water in the base to make sure it would hold…the water held. 

As you can see from the picture below things were going well until we noticed little bits of grease starting to drip from the bottom where the mid and bottom section meet. You can even see a drop in the photo. 


By the time we noticed the grease it was dripping onto the bottom of the oven and we panicked a little. Taking the bacon out of the oven was a very chaotic moment. Bacon grease was dripping everywhere, the smoke alarm went off, the cats ran off in fear, we threw the crisper with the bacon in the sink…THE BACON WAS NOT HARMED! One person had to turn on the fan, another had to open the back door. Complete chaos! To make matters worse the bacon didn’t even come out crispy. Maybe we should have put foil to catch the drippings, there are probably so many things we could have done to prevent this.

Is the lesson here don’t make bacon in the oven? Don’t make bacon on a crisper without taking the proper precautions first? Whatever the actual lesson, here at the MyFoodieDuty Test Kitchen we consider this a test kitchen fail.

Until next time, happy eating!

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