Raspberry Ricotta Cake

We tried baking Bon App├ętit Magazine’s Raspberry Ricotta Cake in the MyFoodieDuty Test Kitchen. Here’s the recipe and how it turned out.

Cobb Salad in Midtown Reno

When in Reno Two Chicks is a must in Midtown! Great food, great drinks…the great company is up to you.

Chili Dog Cups

If you love chili dogs you’ll love these chili dog cups. Easy to make and you can eat them in one to two bites.

Happy Holidays!

A special holiday greeting from the my foodie duty family to yours!

Lunch in Beantown

We’re on the streets of Boston and we found a great lunch spot called 89 Broad Street.

The Super Potato

What’s a baked potato without any toppings? Naked, it’s just naked. We were inspired by Baked Potato Parties and this happened…